Beef Pizzle Bully Stick

$24.22 $25.50

WILDCHOW's Thick Beef Pizzles aka bull penis is the perfect chew and a proven favourite among thousands of dogs and their owners worldwide and a healthy alternative to rawhide. Low odour and 100% natural beef pizzle. 

Each pack comes with 2 bully sticks and in an assortment of slighter thicker/thinner pieces. If you have a bigger-sized dog please leave us a note on the 'carts' page and we'll try our best to add the thicker pieces to your bag!

A flavoursome chew designed to fit around all moments of you and your dog's lifestyle. Give it to your dog whole for an irresistible, long-lasting chew experience!


  • Feed as is for a high reward treat
  • Add it to a meal as part of their 80% muscle meat intake
  • Feed in moderation
  • Always provide a fresh bowl of water
  • Use a chew holder
  • Treat food only. Remember to supervise your pets when feeding them treats. If the treat becomes sharp or begins to splinter please throw it away to keep your pet safe. Once it gets too small (about 1") please monitor your dog closely as they finish it or take it away.