Meatballs (12pcs)


Mouth-watering snack for your furkids!

PAWFF meatballs are specially hand-rolled with carrots and spinach for that extra fibre boost.

There are 4 different proteins to choose from - great for furkids with allergies or get all 4 for the really picky ones!

Ingredients: Beef Knuckle / Duck Breast / Pork Loin / Lamb leg, Carrots, Spinach

Storage & Handling guide:

  • Keep frozen (-18°C) for storage.
  • You may thaw in chiller overnight before feeding.
  • Opened packets can be kept in the chiller for up to 24 hours.
  • Consume within 4 months from production date.

Recommended Cooking Guide:

  • Bake / Steam for about 10 minutes with water or coconut oil.
  • Make sure it is cooled before feeding your furkids!

    Each pack of PAWFF Meatballs is packed in 12pcs (~300g).

*This is not a complete nor balanced diet. For supplemental feedings only.*