Rocco FD Crocodile Meat


Rocco is created to provide an alternative unique protein source to serve dogs and cats that are experiencing food sensitivities as well as to add more variety of meat choices to the market.

We have carefully crafted a line of crocodile meat products using high quality fresh meat from our own crocodile farm in Thailand that are both delicious and healthy. We believe that every pet deserves the best, and that's what we strive to offer through our brand.

100% Raw Freeze Dried Crocodile Meat

Grain Fee
Human Grade

No Artificial colours & flavours

No Salmonella

Raised without added hormones

Nutritional Analysis:
413 kcal/100g
Protein: 94.64g/100g
Fat: 3.8g/100g
Fibre: 0.04g/100g