Inspired by TMT

LICKED.SG was launched in July 2021, inspired by my girls, Toasty, Molly and Taco.

Being a dog owner and hearing about the rising number of cases of dogs suffering from heat stroke, we came up with


Our pawpsicles are suitable for dogs and cats of all ages, sizes and breeds.

We'd be lying if we said our furry kiddos enjoy Singapore's erratic weather...

Our pawpsicles are extremely convenient and easy to just pop out from the freezer on a hot day or after a long walk.... and HEY! Its safe for human consumption as well!

Licked. pawpsicles are made with 100% natural ingredients, consisting of mainly raw goats milk, greek yoghurt, coconut and fresh fruits. We also have lactose free options for pups with a sensitive stomach!

We hope that your pups will love these pawpsicles as much as ours do!