Amino Acid Shampoo Refill Pack


The 500ml Refill Pouch is designed with eco-consciousness in mind. We are committed to reducing plastic waste, and this pouch is ideal for repeat customers to easily refill our eco-friendly wheat straw bottle. Simply pour the refill pouch into the bottle for convenient and hassle-free use. 


YUKIMI proudly holds the prestigious Dermatest® certification, a world-renowned dermatological institute in Germany. Our products have successfully passed rigorous tests for primary skin irritation and sensitization. This certification confirms their non-sensitivity and absence of irritation, demonstrating our commitment to providing high-quality, dermatologically-approved products.


YUKIMI proudly holds PETA's esteemed certifications: "No Animal TEST-FREE Testing" and "Vegan." We are dedicated to a cruelty-free environment, VEGAN respecting animal rights and offering products that are free from animal testing and suitable for vegans