Aylabella Co

CLOUD Dog Slip Leash


The CLOUD slip leash - the perfect combination of style and functionality for your furry friend. Made with high-quality, durable paracord in a beautiful light blue hue and matte gold hardware, this leash is not only eye-catching but also strong enough to withstand adventurous pets!


Our slip leashes also comes with two mint green stoppers, you can easily adjust the leash to ensure it's never too tight or too loose, giving your pet the comfort and freedom they need to explore their surroundings.


Not only is the CLOUD slip leash stylish and comfortable, with just a quick slip over your pet's head, you can easily be on your way! And when it's time to take the leash off, it's just as easy to slip it off and store it away.


Whether you're taking your pet for a quick walk around the block or embarking on a longer adventure, the CLOUD slip leash is the perfect choice.