Goat Milk Kefir TIN


What is Kefir?

Kefir is a good source of gut-boosting probiotics, vitamins and minerals – in moderation. During fermentation, the bacteria produces carbon dioxide and breaks lactose in the milk down into lactic acid. As a result, kefir actually contains relatively little lactose compared to milk and yogurt. That low lactose content means that even dogs that are lactose-intolerant are likely able to stomach kefir. 


- 27 frozen assorted cubes

- 5 flavours (strawberry, mango, blue spirulina, pandan, blueberry)

*bring your tin back for a top up at 50c off*

Feeding Guide: 

Small Sized Dog (below 10kg): 1 cube a day

Medium Sized Dog (10kg - 20kg): 2 cubes a day

Large Sized Dogs (20kg and above): 3 cubes a day

with kefir, always start slow (half the recommended dosage) and increase overtime. Furry kiddos need time for their tummies to adjust to new healthy bacteria in their GI tract.


Keep in freezer upon receiving, store for up to 3 months