Large Jelly Pouch


Our Large Jelly Pouches come with a large base which provides support. Perfect for tons of treats or portioned out/left over food. 

When you first receive the pouches, we recommend washing them in hot soapy water to disinfect the pouches.

Our pouches are
Made with BPA free silicone
Leakproof and air tight
Microwave and dishwasher safe

They come in 4 sizes and colours:

White (Petite): 118ml (92mm x 115mm) 

Pink (Small): 420ml ( 190mm x 135mm)  

Gray (Medium): 580ml ( 220mm x 156mm) 

Purple (Large): 1000ml ( 172mm x 152mm) 

Images: @thewandertails & @cocoatheminipoodle