Beef is a quality source of red meat protein that can help dogs build muscle. A good source of zinc, iron, selenium and vitamins B3, B6 and B12, feeding beef can provide your pup with essential nutrients for a healthy skin and coat. Our beef PMR contains a wide rotational variety of muscle meat like beef heart and beef lips which can provide essential fats to sustain your pup's energy, while beef tendon is easily digestible and rich in glucosamine, collagen and elastin which help keep joints strong and flexible. Organs such as beef liver is nutrient-rich with high values of vitamin A, D, E and K and high iron levels.


Ingredients may include:

Muscle Meat: Beef Knuckle / Beef Ribeye / Beef Striploin / Beef Heart / Beef Lips / Beef Lungs / Beef Tendon / Beef Tripe 

Bones: Oxtail

Organs: Beef Liver / Calf Liver / Beef Kidney / Beef Spleen


Beef PMR is packaged in 500g portions.