Pawlo Snuffle Sip


Woofy Goofy Exclusive In-House Design

Bring the party to your pup with Pawlo Snuffle Sip!

This innovative toy is designed to keep your dog entertained and engaged, as they sniff out tasty treats tucked inside special hiding spots. Plus, it's inspired by a local packet malt drink, so your pup can "sip" in the fun - what could be better?!

Sniff out the perfect toy for your petite pup! It comes in two sizes, so you and your pup will be sure to find the pawfect fit. With this snuffle toy,

your dog's nose will be at full-power!


  • Crinkle sound at the outer layer of the
  • Beverage
  • 8 x Pockets


  • Small: 10cm × 5cm (Packet), 32cm (inner pocket)
  • Regular: 17cm × 8cm(Packet), 50cm (inner pocket)