PAWFF's Pencai comes with a basket and cover for steaming. 

Choice of Protein for meatballs: Pork / Beef / Duck

* 1 x 250g Lionhead meatball with cheese
* 4 x 40g meatballs of the same protein with carrots and spinach
* Daikon
* Broccoli
* Purple Cabbage
* Tiger Prawns
* Shiitake Mushroom
* Atlantic Mackerel
* Ocean Bites (may include scallops, mussels, clam, octopus and shrimps)
* Sweet potato flour with eggs

Cooking guide: Recommended to steam for 15 to 20 mins.
Feeding guide: Sprinkle some Ocean Bites over the pencai after it is cooled

This product has already been precooked and frozen.

Keep frozen for up to 2 months, once defrosted cconsume within 2 days.